Where to choose for flotilla sailing breaks

Friday, 24 February 2012 11:49 AM

When there are so many glamorous and sunshine-filled destinations to choose for flotilla sailing holidays, it can be difficult deciding where to set sail to. Wherever you end up, though, you can count on having your fill of sun, sea, sand and beautiful locations.

However, if you're after some inspiration on where to book your watersports holiday, read our guide for some inspiration.

The UK

You might have had an image of passing paradise islands in exotic climes in mind when you first decided to book a sailing break, but you should certainly not discount the UK. Indeed, the south coast of England, where a narrow stretch of water known as the Solent separates the mainland from the Isle of Wight, is one of the most glamorous boating locations in Europe.

Every year, countless sailors from all over the world head here so they can be part of the famous Cowes Week Regatta, so this is a location well versed in what sailors want. As a result, you can expect to spend your days exploring the coastline onboard your flotilla, stopping off at bustling cities and charming fishing villages and learning to sail, and your evenings attending beach barbecues and parties where you can get to know the other members of your flotilla better.

At the Port Solent base there are a choice of sailing courses on offer, with something to cater for you whether you are a novice or an expert looking to brush up your existing knowledge. Many of the courses are Royal Yachting Association-accredited and all of them are taught by qualified yachtsmen who will have you successfully getting to grips with this sport in no time.

The Mediterranean

Combining this watersport with a holiday abroad has never been more popular and there are few better destinations than Europe. Whether you choose to go flotilla sailing in Greece, Croatia or Turkey, you will not be disappointed.

What could be more sophisticated than spending your days navigating the warm waters of the Mediterranean and stopping at peaceful anchorages to soak up the sun and enjoy the views? Or, coming ashore to try delicious local food in one of the fishing villages you pass, or to explore a deserted island that is part of a protected natural park?

Again, you will have lively events such as beach parties organised for you, providing you with a relaxed setting to get to know the fellow sailors joining you on your flotilla. This makes a sailing holiday like this a fun experience, even if you are travelling alone, and some of these people could end up becoming lifelong friends. Of course, you are free to spend time alone or with the rest of your travelling companions whenever you please - simply inform someone on the lead yacht.

This is the crewed vessel you will follow around your Mediterranean destination, which makes navigating the waters a lot easier. Those onboard will also be happy to help should you need any assistance mooring up or setting sail, and in the unlikely event that you get into difficulties you won't have long to wait before expert help is on the way.

This is certain to give you peace of mind, allowing you to get on with enjoying your sailing adventure. Plus, there's plenty to love, from Croatia's Kornati National Park to the ancient ruins waiting to be explored on Kas, off the coast of Turkey. Whenever you're not on your yacht, you can also try your hand at a wealth of other water sports, which will add an extra element of fun to your holiday.

The Caribbean

This is one of the most popular places to take a sailing holiday in the world - and no wonder. Home to a peppering of paradise islands, each with its own unique charms, this is the type of getaway people dream about.

Experienced sailors will love joining a flotilla and setting about exploring St Vincent and the surrounding area, where the steady winds ensure every ride is a thrill. This is a place once frequented by pirates and you'll certainly believe you've struck gold as you moor up at some of the exotic anchorages.

The British Virgin Islands, meanwhile, has something to offer all levels of sailor - along with a wealth of beautiful places to see. As well as supping rum cocktails and tasting the Caribbean dishes when you are mingling at your flotilla beach party, you will also be able to take a break to go snorkelling - a particularly popular activity in this part of the world.

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If you dream of going on a luxury holiday where you can enjoy endless days of sun, sea and sightseeing on stunning islands, look no further than a sailing break. There are two main types to choose from, flotilla sailing and yacht charter holidays.

Explore Turkey's souks on a sailing getaway

Greece and Turkey make a fantastic joint sailing adventure

If you want to go on a luxurious sailing holiday to not one but two countries, look no further than Greece and Turkey. Choose a flotilla sailing getaway and you can sit back and relax as a lead crew help guide you through your interesting itinerary.

The Caribbean is great for luxury sailing

Suggestions for an amazing sailing holiday

Sailing holidays can be really special breaks, particularly if you make the right choices and enhance your trip with some added luxury. This involves everything from choosing the best destination to picking the most suitable boat.

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Be sure to explore St John's on your trip

Antigua: ideal for a luxurious sailing holiday

If your idea of the perfect luxury yacht charter break involves sailing around stunning paradise islands, mooring up by white-sand beaches and soaking up the sunshine on the deck of a high-class sailing vessel, Antigua is the ideal destination for you.

Experience paradise on earth on a Mediterranean cruise

Experience paradise on earth on a Mediterranean cruise

Going sailing in the Mediterranean is one of the most glamorous holidays you will ever experience; spend your days on the water soaking up the sun and moor up at fascinating and beautiful islands. If you're looking for the perfect place to go, it is hard to beat Palermo.

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