Quirky luxury hotels - Hotel Fox

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 12:51 PM

Step into a world where ink stains splatter the walls, monsters cling to the ceilings, intricate forests surround your bed and regal chandeliers hang above your head, this is the Hotel Fox.

The unique design hotel located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen consists of 61 rooms designed by 21 different artists. Each room is an individual piece of artwork, from cartoons and funky graphic design, to Japanese Manga and fairytale elegance, you’ll find it all here.

Reserve whichever room suits your personality. It may be the Heidi room, created by Swiss artist Benjamin Güdel , where your carpet feels like grass and you’re surrounded by pictures of mountains and goats. Or perhaps you’d prefer the romantic Clubs room - The Secret Palace, designed by British designers - Container. The room is painted in sultry tones of rich reds and maroons with swirling figures of princesses and gives one the feeling of a sexy French boudoir. Or maybe you’d like to drift off to sleep in land of clouds and dreams in The Traveller room, designed by Australian design collective - Rinzen.


And when you’ve finished admiring your room, head down to the hotel’s fabulous sushi bar – Sushitreat, where you can nibble on nigiri, slurp a bowl of green tea noodles and fill up on thick futomaki.

After a hard day looking round the sights of Copenhagen then head up onto the hotel’s rooftop where you can sink into comfy pillows and look out at the beautiful city views over a cocktail.

The Hotel Fox truly is a place where dreams come true and where sometimes you’ll feel like you’re staying in a modern art gallery rather than a hotel.

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